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May 6 '13

May 6' 13

It has been a while and I thought I should drop you a line to tell you what shows are ahead of B.A.R.E. and what I have been working on. With the busy trade show season at an end, things have been very slow.

I have decided to put lace up tops and lace up skirts on sale for $30 each. This is only for stock on hand because I want to drop this part of our line. I think I will also be reducing the corsets we have in stock and get out of the corset business as well. There are so many things I would like to make and add to the line but I can't while I still have so much inventory.

I have been working on all sorts of bondage bears/tigers/dogs and other assorted animals. For the most part they sell for $30 each. I just broke my camera but once it gets fixed or I get a new one, I can start to load more on the website.

On May 24 weekend in Toronto is the Relationship Show. This is a first time show and I am excited I am not traveling very far to get to it.

On June 8th we will be on Oshawa for 50 Shades of Pride Fetish Fair. It is from 12:00-4:00 at the Out Lounge and Eatery. Located at 540 King St West, Oshawa (Stevenson & King) Ontario.

See you soon!

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